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President's Report

10 December 2010 Noel Paterson

Australian President, Noel Paterson

"Australian President, Noel Paterson"

It has been pleasing to see the contribution level from the Fleets to this Quarterly Newsletter continue at a level which keeps the publication interesting and of value to association members. I would encourage all Fleets to continue their support and for those who have not contributed, so far, to share their local experiences with the rest of the fraternity. The content does not necessarily have to be Fleet based. It could just as well come from an individual member and be of performance or public interest in nature. If you have a story you wish to share with us, has printable merit and doesn't curl the censor's hair, then send it to our publicist, John Curnow.

The production of the plug for the new Australian moulds is happening as we speak. It is the result of a great deal of thought process by all involved. Every mould involved in the production of Etchells in Australia will be replaced with design innovations to each and every mould. Phil Smidmore has included a report in this newsletter, so I will not expand any further, short of saying that we are all very excited with progress thus far.

The Online Payment system is well and truly up and running and has proven to be a great success. It has never been easier to pay subscriptions and for members to keep their contact details up to date. It is a simple matter of going to the Australian Etchells website and accessing your details via the 'Members Area'. Fleet Executives are now able to check the status of their local Fleet with a minimum of effort and time wastage. I would remind current Fleet Executives that they must confirm their current position with the National body in order to gain that access.

It would be fair to say that the 'Silly Season' is definitely upon us and I would like to wish all Etchells members and their families the very best for a safe and happy Christmas and naturally, all the best of luck to those attending the Nationals in Geelong, this coming January.

Merry Xmas,
Noel Paterson
IECA of Australia


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