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Sydney: Sydney Etchells Fleet and RSYS Youth Sailing

14 September 2010 Malcolm Shaw

Young Laser sailors got to try their hand at Etchells.

"Young Laser sailors got to try their hand at Etchells."

The Sydney Etchells Fleet at RSYS and CYCA, conducted an Etchells Experience day in April this year. The purpose of the day was to encourage Youth Sailors from the Squadron Training Program to experience the thrill of Etchells sailing. The day was a success with seven graduates sailing on four Etchells. Two of these sailors have since joined the Sydney Fleet.

A Youth Etchells regatta is planned for April 2011, to reinforce the Etchells Experience from 2010. It will be held with the full cooperation of the RSYS Youth Sailing program.

Youth sailors who graduate from the RSYS Youth Sailing program often drift away from sailing during their HSC and University years and need encouragement to keep sailing. Graduates who have sailed Lasers and Elliotts make an easy transition to Etchells.

Some Etchells in the Sydney Fleet are now being sailed with a crew of four rather than three, so there are some new crewing opportunities this season. Contact the RSYS Sailing Office if you need crew.

It is essential to continue to encourage new sailors to join our Etchells Fleets and young sailors in particular can be a source of new crews for existing boats.

Malcolm Shaw
Roué AUS 1124

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