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Adelaide: May not be racing weather, but there's lots to do

14 September 2010 Wayne Knill

Etchells Adelaide

"Etchells Adelaide"

It's mid September, the rain is still tumbling down and a cold wind is lashing against the window. All the Adelaide fleet boats have been sitting idle for the past few months, hibernating throughout the winter. In the coming days the pre-season maintenance will begin, the covers thrown off, the hull polished, the fittings checked and tightened, along with any chafed lines end for ended or replaced.

Be warned! A couple of additional safety items will be required for racing this season. The SA Department of Transport has now legislated that 2 x flares and 2 x orange smoke flares are required to be carried by all vessels, along with Type 1 PFDs only. These items were previously listed on our safety declaration as 'recommended', but will now be compulsory.

After yet another SA State Championship regatta compromised by inclement weather, the Adelaide fleet has elected to spread the 2010/11 State heats over seven different race days throughout this summer's race calendar. This format was successfully used for many years, but changed to a regatta format when the fleet split and raced at two separate clubs (ASC & RSAYS), with the full fleet merging for the State Championships only. Of course, a downside to all this is that we will now have seven different weigh-ins over the summer, so we will have to watch the (amber) fluid intake!

This change presented us with the opportunity to add a new regatta to the race schedule, so we now also have an eight-race series over two weekends, which is pencilled in before Christmas. This regatta will provide some concentrated racing to sharpen the skills prior to the Nationals in Geelong and also double up as our fleet's qualification series for the next World Championship.

Speaking of the National Championships, Geelong is just up the road from here, only about 8 hours, so we are hopeful of a good Adelaide fleet turnout in January. Time to start planning now!

Wayne Knill
Adelaide Fleet Captain.


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