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2010 IGC Meeting Report

14 September 2010 Ian Kingsford Smith

Class International Governors Meeting

"Class International Governors Meeting"

The Class International Governors Meeting was held in Howth, Ireland, on 21 August, immediately prior to the Worlds. Australian Governors Bill Steele, Jake Gunther and Ian Kingsford Smith attended in person, while Ann Stubbings and David Ritchard participated via Skype. From time to time during this session, Ann's dog also contributed his views on various subjects, by barking out aloud.

The Governors accepted the final draft of the One Design Rules rewrite, which has been ongoing over the past three years, in conjunction with advice and assistance from ISAF. It was subsequently put to the Annual General Meeting of members, which was held the following day and approved by those present. The draft will now be posted on the International Association's website for members to peruse, before being put to a ballot of members later this year. If approved by the ballot of members and later by ISAF, it is expected that the new One Design Rules will be effective early in 2011.

These rules do not change our current One Design Rules in any way, but are written to comply with the template and language adopted by ISAF. The format is quite different to what members have been used to but over time, but members will find the rules more definitive. The rules are framed in such a way that if something is not specifically mentioned in the rules as something that can be done, then quite simply, it is not legal and cannot be done.

The Governors also accepted the One Design and Technical Committee's recommendation to reintroduce the maximum complete yacht weight of 1565 kgs. This maximum weight was deleted from the class rules in the mid 1990s when the keel tolerances were tightened and new identical keel moulds were made for each of the three builders. The proposal to reintroduce the maximum complete yacht weight was approved by the AGM in Howth and will now be put to a ballot of members, wherein if approved, it will follow the same path as the One Design Rules rewrite.

After a number of years trying unsuccessfully to have the two-yearly Yearbook reintroduced, we have finally gained IGC approval for the Yearbook to be produced in a format similar to the one we used to have. The next issue will be produced in early 2011 and will contain most of the information that was in the earlier editions. There will also be an upgraded version of the annual Etchells publication, which will be bigger and better than the one produced last year. The plan is to have it printed and distributed by the end of the year. Governors David Ritchard, Tim Patton and Ron Thompson have been asked to consider how these two publications can be produced and distributed to members in the most efficient way.

The future World Championship venues and dates are:

  • 2011 - San Diego, California - 6-15 June 2011
  • 2012 - Sydney - 21 - 29 February 2012
  • 2013 - Tuscany, Italy - June 2013
  • 2014 - New York Yacht Club, USA - June 2014
  • 2015 - AUS or New Zealand - venue to be decided in San Diego in June 2011

Allocation of Australian Championship Venues.

The following schedule of venues for the next six Australian Championships was agreed at the AGM of the Australian Association held in Brisbane on 2 August 2010:

  • 2010/11 Geelong, Victoria, 8 - 15 January 2011
  • 2011/12 Sydney, NSW, 16 - 20 February 2012
  • 2012/13 Western Australia
  • 2013/14 Gold Coast, Queensland, November 2013
  • 2014/15 South Australia
  • 2015/16 Victoria


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