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Publicity: Why bother?

28 June 2010 John Curnow

Etchells - you just have to love it.

"Etchells - you just have to love it."

Hello and thank you for reading this. Etchells sailing is a true delight and often very hard work. It is no wonder then, that the best sailors in the land are drawn to our 15 national fleets. It is also a great development ground for sailors wanting to improve and learn.

The purpose of things like the branding, website and newsletter are to ensure that premier status of Etchells remains in this constantly changing world. You may not think that anything out of the ordinary has happened in your fleet recently, but tips on all manner of maintenance, places to stay whilst travelling and racing will always be useful.

So, if you haven't contributed for a while, need some assistance massaging the words into shape or how to get some images together, then please make contact with me. Together we can get your stories out there and ensure Etchells, the brand, stays top of mind whenever premier racing is talked about.

As John Bertrand said during the recent Musto Australasian Etchells Championships, 'Terrific racing... What a wonderful Winter's day. It is just great to be on the water in this very active and expanding class.'

Cheers and have a great sail.
John Curnow
Publicity Officer.

Contact John.


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