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Gosford: Great season had by all

28 June 2010 Luke Birch

This pic may not be of Gosford, but when you get a bunch of Etchells together, great sailing is assured.

"This pic may not be of Gosford, but when you get a bunch of Etchells together, great sailing is assured."

The Gosford Etchells Fleet had a great 2009/2010 sailing season. We had fair conditions all season long, with a variety of breezes and mixed results.

We consistently had nine boats racing week in, week out, with great commitment displayed by crews to turn up each week. The fleet was always out on the course, no doubt achieved with the efforts of stand-by crews, late on Saturday mornings. It is very much appreciated, however, as these great attendances allowed us to have the kind of racing we certainly enjoyed, all season long.

The Etchells Fleet culture is in high spirit and as a result, I am sure all our owners and crews are very much looking forward to the coming season. No doubt there will be plenty of boat maintenance completed over Winter, as we all get ready for another cracking season.

At the business end of last season, we had a hotly contested Club Championship. It all came down to a classic, last-race battle for First Place, between John McDouguall and crew on AUS970, Pointless and Neil McDonald's AUS548, Battery Allsorts. There was also an equally important battle for Third, which was fought between Don Wilson's AUS1291, The Don and AUS218, Greenback, who just missed out. Congratulations to our three winning crews.

The Etchells Fleet has a vast number of series throughout the program, including the Slingsby Sprints, Jimmy Mudge Series, Bill Bowry Series, Crew Trophy, Harry's and Back (Rip Bridge Social Race), Overall Point Score, along with Spring, Summer and Autumn Point Score. Our Club Championship rounds out a program full of variety.

The coming 2010/2011 season should and no doubt will, produce a competitive, fun and exciting season, just as we had during the course of the last season. We will run an Etchells Try Sail Day a little closer to the season, so that everyone can experience what we all love - Etchells racing.

Luke Birch
Fleet Captain - Gosford.


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