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Gosford: club championship hotly contested

23 February 2010 Luke Birch

Saturday afternoon and the Etchells lining up along the marina waiting to crane out

"Saturday afternoon and the Etchells lining up along the marina waiting to crane out"

Photo by:
Luke Birch

The Gosford Etchells Fleet had a good Christmas and New Years break with a couple of boats and crews heading to the Lake for a successful Nationals run by LMYC. Congratulations to the team Triad led by John Bertrand and to local Gosford sailor and crew member, Tom Slingsby.

We were back into racing on the 23rd of January and have been lucky enough to have fair sailing conditions and breeze so far this half of the season.

The Club Championship is hotly contested with a shuffle of places after the fourth heat. Results were 1st AUS548, 2nd AUS970 and 3rd AUS218.

I would like to thank all the crews from Gosford in keeping up the fantastic Etchells racing and commitment to getting all of our Etchells on the water every week with some crews swapping so we could get in the racing..

Just a quick mention to David Slingsby for his long time commitment to sailing with Pointless AUS970, I started sailing Etchells in 2003, aged 18, with John McDougall and David. David hasn't missed too many races that I can recall since I sailed with them or for the ten years before 2003. It is great to see his commitment for so many years. Again, congratulations David.

Hopefully this season's State Titles in Sydney will run as smoothly and as well as last year's States at Gosford, except for maybe the 60 to 70 knots westerly front which caused havoc on the first morning of the regatta and the launching of boats.


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