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AUS 768 "PAM" $5,000 ONO Updated: 5-Oct-2018
Listed: 5-Oct-2018
Pittwater Fleetís training Etchells is a 1988 Pamcraft that has been regularly maintained and is in good condition. Recently competed well in the NSW States, Pittwater and Sydney world qualifying races. Sound hull in good condition. Mast, boom and spinnaker pole are in very good condition. Good range of regatta and club racing sails available. Current Cat 7 saftey. Located on hardstand trolley at RPAYC. Bruce Dey
(m)  0417 978 535
AUS 1165 $24,900 Updated: 18-Sep-2018
Listed: 18-Sep-2018
Well looked after 2000 Pacesetter. Includes all the latest, electric pump, adjustable forestay, spinnaker box, Cat 7 Safety equipment, Tac Tic Compass, registered trailer with 3 boxes plus a yard trolley. Plenty of sails including a brand new LM2H. Located at Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast. Benjamin Noel Leigh-Smith
(m)  0491 200 213
AUS 1106 $11,000 Updated: 15-Aug-2018
Listed: 15-Aug-2018
1106 is a well-maintained 1999 Pacesetter, with hull, keel and rudder in first-rate condition. Upgraded Smidmore mast, boom and running rigging support sails by Ullman (club) and Doyle (Club / Regatta) with others by North, McNeill and Hood. There are multiple headsails, two mains and three spinnakers. Saints III - ex-Mister Mac/Fred/Brolga - has competed in recent National and State titles and has club racing credentials with Sydney and Gosford fleets. Included are Brolga turnbuckles, spinnaker box, current Cat 7 equipment plus extras, VHF hand-held, TackTick, Loos gauge, full boat cover by Doyle and four wheel dolly in good condition. Currently on hardstand at Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. 1106 presents well and is a good value option for Etchells fleet racing. Bruce Hilliard
(m)  0427 776 277
AUS 1029 "H20 Rat" $12,000 Updated: 15-Aug-2018
Listed: 15-Aug-2018
PACESETTER HULL (built September 1995). INCLUDING: Shore Trolley (recently refurbished). Full Boat Cover. Above deck forestay adjuster (Whalespar). Boom (near new Whalespar). Tactic Compass. Cat 7 gear incl paddles, buckets, life jackets, medical kit, anchor with chain & line. Fenders . Electric bilge pump. Loos gauge. Spare parts

REGATTA SAILS: Mains. North Radial. North PC. Jibs. North (TKR) Radial. North LM. Spinnakers. North full radial White (near new). Doyle (FLR) White. Doyle (older) full radial Blue. Plus assorted club sails. (located Gosford Sailing Club hardstand)
Geoff Dilworth
(m)  0414 631 280
Trinity 1164 $17,500 Updated: 18-Sep-2018
Listed: 30-Apr-2018
Trinity 1164 (ex B Double) successfully raced, in ready to race condition. Located on trolley at RPAYC. Stuart Williams
(m)  0408 321 398
AUS 991 - The Boat $30,000 Updated: 15-Aug-2018
Listed: 23-Mar-2018
Bashford 987kg keel, multiple World, National and State champion. I'm not trading up because it is not possible. Would suit super serious campaigner. Tons of gear almost new sails. Jake Gunther
(m)  0418 334 990
AUS 1330 Whisper II $40,000 Updated: 15-Aug-2018
Listed: 16-Dec-2017
Upgrade for the worlds. New rules allow for a new boat if you qualified. 1330 is the ideal upgrade boat. Proven Heritage boat, high level performance, including 5th at the worlds, consistent top ten results in state and national level races. Immaculate condition, all possible go faster gear has been installed, brolgas, mast ram, outboard cars, swivel headstay electric bilge pump, auto release fractular etc. etc. Has been professionally setup by David Sampson and Cam Miles. Get an in demand Heritage, comes with UK low rider tandem axle trailer. Must be sold, as this boat was our overseas boat and we have no overseas travel planned. No reasonable offer refused. Bruce Ferguson
(m)  0439 822 240
AUS 1013 $11,000 ONO Updated: 5-Oct-2018
Listed: 12-Dec-2017
Built Nov 94 by Bashford Boat Builders, this boat is in good original condition. The boat comes with all normal fittings and with the right crew can perform as well as newer boats. Two North, a Craig Phillips and Doyle Sail Sets are included. Along with a Galvanised Hardstand Trolly and full Boat Cover. Boat is kept on the Hard at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, Belmont NSW.
Greg Payne
(m)  0408 095 015
AUS 1255 $25,000 Updated: 18-Sep-2018
Listed: 29-May-2017
MUST SELL yacht needs a good home.
Very good condition on tralier. New nth sails. Boat has all the new mods with the exception on a electric bilge.
Chris Matthews
(p) 0418 444 842