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Brisbane; Season ends on a high, now to Try Etchells Sailing weekends

15 June 2009 David Healey

Brisbane Etchells Fleet

"Brisbane Etchells Fleet"

Another season is over and what a good one it was. What a great effort by Jason Muir and crew Paul Wyatt, Bucky Smith and Matt Chew in winning the World Championship in Melbourne in March with a race to spare. To cap that off Jason has just been awarded Yachtsman of The Year at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron jointly with fellow member Dan Fitzgibbon (Olympic Silver Medalist - Skud 18). Jason also won the Brisbane Fleet Championships earlier this year.

Other winners this year were Noel Paterson (Waterloo Bay) winning the Squadron Championship and David Healey (Rapscallion) taking out the Season's Points.

Nine boats from our fleet ventured to Mooloolaba for the June long-weekend Winter Championship which saw light winds and sunny skies. Fifty-five boats from all over Australia, NZ and Hong Kong took part with the new format of using The Mooloolaba Wharf as a base turning out to be a big winner.

The Brisbane Fleet will be running a couple of "come and try" days during the winter (11 July and 15 August) with the aim of promoting the class to prospective owners as well as crews. We have a decent list of names for the first one already and it is still four weeks away. The format is expected to take the form of a series of short sprint races. Depending upon the final number of people attending we will swap crews from a mother ship so everyone gets a go.

On a previous weekend the incorrigible duo of Paterson and Healey took out some interested people which has already resulted in one boat sale with another underway. We welcome John/Jack Sweep and Peter Cziel to the fleet.

The Fleet's new season kicks off with Opening Day on 5 September.


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