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AUS 1286 (prev Pacesetter Emotional Hooligan) $21,500 Updated: 29-Jul-2015
Listed: 29-Jul-2015
A lovely boat to trim and tune. Raced sparingly -everything runs smoothly for an enjoyable sail. Well set up -ring frame, tack tic, a carbon sly-tiller and spin box, good mast, adjustable forestay etc and. Very well maintained, on RSYS Hardstand. New North full boat cover. Call us to come for a sail. Stephen Tait
(m)  0414 637 675
AUS 853 $19,900 Updated: 19-Jun-2015
Listed: 19-Jun-2015
Rare late model stiff Pamcraft hull with grandfathered maximum weight 987kg keel. The deck is also stiff with no spongy spots. This boat is a sister ship to the hulls that have won most of the big regattas recently. In the last 12 months we have done an extensive refurbishment to this boat including: bow ring frame added, replaced the floor boards with new mould style rounded edges added, Henderson pump set on I-beam, new Sly tiller and spinnaker box. We also added new caps and lowers with Brolgas to the as new dead straight Smidmore mast. Club racing sails included. Current boat location is Lake Macquarie, NSW. Delivery can be arranged. Galvanised yard trolley also available. Peter McNeill
(m)  0411 566 089
AUS 1029 - Predator $14,000 Updated: 19-Jun-2015
Listed: 19-Jun-2015
This Etchells is a Pacesetter hull and has only had two owners during its well maintained life and is in excellent condition. It includes a Sly Ring Frame,Tactik Compass, Boat Cover, Hardstand trolley. Two sets of good sails which includes a near new Doyle spinnaker. Mast, rigging and Ropes all in good condition. During the past 10 years it has been raced at Gosford & before that on Sydney Harbour with RSYS. The boat is currently located at Gosford. It is in great condition and ready to race. Greg Humphries
(m)  0402 088 072
AUS1188 $15,000 ono Updated: 19-Jun-2015
Listed: 19-Jun-2015
Late 2011 Pacesetter, min weight with deep aft keel. Sailed on Swan River and in good condition with various Doyle, Ullman and North sails. Ring frame fitted. Rig replaced. 2015 galvanised jinker, new spinnaker pole, full hardstand cover, tactick, new halyards, sheets etc. Also has a Road Trailer that needs an overhaul. Sitting at RFBYC Perth. Bargain at $15,000 Dave Roberts
(m)  0417 181 986
Etchells 1131 $21,000 ono Updated: 7-Aug-2015
Listed: 2-Jun-2015
2000 pacesetter, ready to race, multiple sets of sails. Some one regatta old, comes with all accessories inc. Boat cover, road trailer, cradle, 2 masts. For more info please call Mike Schilt 0439441404 or Tim Clark 0410546001. Michael Schilt
(m)  0439 441 404
AUS 1356 $35,000 depending on sail Updated: 2-Sep-2015
Listed: 3-May-2015
2006 for sale, excellent condition, smidmore mast, ring frame, ram, new boom, new pole, new standing rigging, faired hull, stiff and fast with a history of various podium finishes. great care taken with the details to maintain the vessel in near new condition. Price circa $35,000 depending on sails. Available after HK worlds. Martin Webster
(m)  0409 097 071
AUS 869 $15,000 Updated: 7-Aug-2015
Listed: 14-Feb-2015
Manufactured by Pamcraft in late 1990 and initially measured on 10 November 1990, AUS 869 was one of the last Pamcraft boats produced and these later boats are renowned for their build quality, reliability and performance. Cardinal Sin competed in the 2012 Sydney Worlds and was substantially upgraded before the regatta. Phil Smidmore fitted new rigging with Brolgas and all ropes and deck hardware were upgraded wherever necessary, including a new Henderson pump kit, new main and headsail halyards and a ring frame in the bow. Other equipment includes Tic-tac compass and hand held VHF. There are three sets of sails with the boat, allowing for regattas and also twilight sailing. There is a new light DC North’s headsail that has been used only twice. The boat is kept on the hardstand at the Royal Prince Alfred yacht Club with a full North’s boat cover. John Paul
(m)  0415 264 987
AUS 1106 Pacesetter "Fred" $13,000 FOR AUGUST ONLY Updated: 7-Aug-2015
Listed: 8-Dec-2014
Built 1998 In very good condition, good straight Smidmore mast, New spinnaker pole with latest ends, spare pole, Brolga turnbuckles, TacTic Compass, spinnaker box, double action pump on I-beam. Ullman sails as: DCAP main, F10 Jib, 2 x DCM Jib, Hood .75 Runner and Doyle VMG. All sails have plenty of life. Full Cover Sitting on RSYS hardstand. Will deliver to any east coast site foc.
David Ritchard
(m)  0418 262 915
AUS 651 On A Mission $16,000 Updated: 7-Jun-2015
Listed: 24-Nov-2014
86 Pamcraft with full race fit out.Deep keel with Re fared keel and hull re-sprayed professionally with Awlcraft 2000.New mast 2008 boom and spinnaker pole 2012 ,ring frame fitted high rise tiller,Harkin fittings ,new deck paint,club and regatta north sails some one regatta old.Dry stored on hard stand at RBYC Melb.Will deliver to Adelaide or East coast. Malcolm Blom
(m)  0418 621 082