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AUS 1106 Pacesetter "Fred" $19,000 Updated: 8-Dec-2014
Listed: 8-Dec-2014
Built 1998 In very good condition, good straight Smidmore mast, New spinnaker pole with latest ends, spare pole, Brolga turnbuckles, TacTic Compass, spinnaker box, double action pump on I-beam. Ullman sails as: DCAP main, F10 Jib, 2 x DCM Jib, Hood .75 Runner and Doyle VMG. All sails have plenty of life. Full Cover Sitting on RSYS hardstand. David Ritchard
(m)  0418 262 915
AUS 1215 - Boat X $28,000 Updated: 8-Dec-2014
Listed: 8-Dec-2014
Pacesetter in excellent condition - The only two previous owners were Dennis Conner & Noel Drennan… As you’d imagine this boat is fully tweaked with an impressive history of championship results!!! There are more latest model new North Sails than can be listed in this ad (email me for a full inventory). Road trailer is dual axle with electric brakes that work brilliantly – All serviced within the last 6 months and ready for your next big road trip to the Nationals or Worlds! Full North cover, Tack Tick compass, trailer box, and all the usual stuff. It’s spent a large part of its life in under cover storage so condition really is excellent - This is a "turn key" package that won’t disappoint. Located in Melbourne. Robert Davis
(m)  0415 471 911
AUS 651 On A Mission $18,000 ONO Updated: 24-Nov-2014
Listed: 24-Nov-2014
86 Pamcraft with full race fit out.Deep keel with Re fared keel and hull re-sprayed professionally with Awlcraft 2000.New mast 2008 boom and spinnaker pole 2012 ,ring frame fitted high rise tiller,Harkin fittings ,new deck paint,club and regatta north sails some one regatta old.Dry stored on hard stand at RBYC Melb.Will deliver to Adelaide or East coast. Malcolm Blom
(m)  0418 621 082
AUS 780 $7,800 Updated: 24-Nov-2014
Listed: 24-Nov-2014
1988 Pamcraft. Race ready for the Victorian States 2015 at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club. Sails: 2 mains, 3 jibs, 2 spinnakers. Yard trolley & full boat cover. Michael Shanahan
(m)  0407 613 868
AUS 1029 - Predator $17,000 Updated: 16-Nov-2014
Listed: 16-Nov-2014
This Etchells is a Pacesetter and has only had two owners during its life.This Etchells is in excellent condition and has been well maintained. It includes a Sly Ring Frame,Tactik Compass, Boat Cover, Hardstand trolley. Two sets Doyle sails with one set near new. Mast, rigging and Ropes all in good condition. The boat was detailed by Sly at the beginning of last season. During the past 10 years it has been raced at Gosford & before that on Sydney Harbour with Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. The boat is currently located at Gosford. This Etchells is in great condition and ready to race. Greg Humphries
(m)  0402 088 072
"Wicked" AUS 1123 $ Updated: 30-Oct-2014
Listed: 30-Oct-2014
Excellent condition with full boat cover. Pacesetter Smidmore fit out. Stiff Keely mast 2 years old. Good numbers on certificate. Numerous quality sails. Clear card. Four wheel road trailer. Galvanised jinker. Mast lifters. Tak Tic. It is taking up room in my shed and I am serious about selling please make me an offer. Gary Sheard
(m)  0422 591 173
1213 - Circa 2001 Pacesetter / Smidmore $25,000 Updated: 30-Oct-2014
Listed: 22-Oct-2014
Good condition etchells for sale. New Smidmore mast (used circa 20 times), Brolgas, ring frame, Sly tiller, Tactik, cockpit cover and on registered duel axle registered road trailer. Also comes with tri-wheel hardstand trolley. Loads of sails (North and Doyle) - One regatta set (North Sails and Doyle mix) and one set of as new North Sails (upwind sails did the Sydney Worlds only) and spinnakers brand new (never used). Located Newcastle, NSW. Richard Howard
(m)  0419 479 190
AUS 866 - 1990 Pamcraft $25,000 ONO Updated: 20-Oct-2014
Listed: 20-Oct-2014
Pamcraft. Built 1990. Weight 1530kg. I have decide to sell AUS 866, original pamcraft hull. If you are wanting the deep and heaviest keel in the Etchells this is the one. The boat has had little use sailing on the swan river, It has not been hammered in big seas. Boat has not been sailed for 2 years sitting on road trailer at factory unit with full boat cover. 1 x tasker mast. 1 x boom and spin pole. 1 x Road trailer. 1 x ullman main. 1 x Doyle main. 1 x jib ullman medium. 1 x Doyle light. 2 x Ullman big Girl. Brad Sheridan
(m)  0418 612 262
AUS 961 Back in Business $28,000 Updated: 2-Oct-2014
Listed: 2-Oct-2014
Bashford hull built 1993 has been dry stored, has had forward ring frame fitted, as new mast fitted with brolga's and boom,adjustable mast step, twin forward bilge pumps, forestay which is adjustable from above deck, kite box, tack tick micro compass and lots of spares and sails,clear sail card. Registered gal road trailer has done approx 3000km c/w f/g sail box wheels into 40 foot container. Located Melbourne. John Coates
(m)  0418 347 322
AUS 1144 $24,000 with trolley Updated: 20-Dec-2014
Listed: 9-Sep-2014
1999 Pacesetter. New mast and rigging with Brolga Turnbuckles 2013. New boom 2013 (un-galvanised). Spare boom. Spinnaker box. Good selection of sails with plenty of spares. Electronic compass. All safety gear. Full Boat cover (blue canvass).Galvanized trolley with double front wheel. Registered trailer with sail box, dual axle brakes and roadworthy Cert.

$28,000 with trailer and trolley.
$24,000 boat and trolley.
David Healey
(m)  0412 989 528
Etchell 22 - AUS 1082 $15,000 ONO Updated: 10-Oct-2014
Listed: 9-Mar-2014
1998 6.7m Fibreglass Pacesetter. No 1082 - ICU (ex Alchemist). Good sail wardrobe, near new North main and jib. Sail security cylinders. Ready to race. Ken Marslew
(m)  0418 461 199
AUS 1188 $19,500 ONO Updated: 10-Oct-2014
Listed: 5-Feb-2014
Pacesetter 2001 build. Well maintained package in good condition with various Doyle, Ullman sails and North. Ring Frame fitted. Replacement Smidmore mast, new spinnaker pole, new Hardstand Cover, Tactik. new halyards, sheets, ropes etc. Jinker. Ready to race. On the hardstand at RFBYC Perth. Dave Roberts
(m)  0417 181 986
AUS 1158 "New Wave" $15,000 Updated: 20-Dec-2014
Listed: 1-Nov-2013
Thats right $15,000 we are very keen to sell it, whoever buy's this will get the deal of the lifetime! This boat is in incredible condition for the price it had so much money spent on it for the worlds whoever buys it is getting an incredible amount of value for their money. For example it has a brand new Smidmore most with brand new brolga rigging. Kitted with a full range of north sails a dc that’s hardly been touched, sail comp, etc, everything you need to race. PS it’s also had its bow stiffened and comes with a yard trolley if you want it. So if you want to get into Etchells for cheap but you want a good boat here it is. Peter La Fontaine
(m)  0419 324 798