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NZL 1314 - Addiction $27,000 AUD Updated: 25-Aug-2014
Listed: 25-Aug-2014
Smidmore Pacesetter, built 2005. The boat has hardly been used since new. Only for a selection of regattas in Australia by overseas owner. Currently located at Newcastle but can be brought down to Sydney for viewing. North Sails ,ring frame , road and yard covers. Very good tandem trailer, boxes , well set up for road travel, and self contained.
AUS 1317 Una Mas $30,000 Updated: 8-Aug-2014
Listed: 8-Aug-2014
Pacesetter launched Aug 2005. Hardly used over the past 3 years. Down to weight with ring frame. Well set up boat ready to race with retractable spinnaker box, club and championship running rigging, tack tick compass, safety gear and racing cover. North sails - some in as new condition - 3 Mains, 8 Jibs and 3 Spinnakers. Registered double axle road trailer with electric brakes, spare tyres, storage boxes, lifting slings, mast chocks and tie down straps. On pneumatic tyred yard trolley. Located at RQYS, Brisbane. Mark Dagge
(m)  0407 753 815
AUS 892 - Deep Keel Bashford with old max keel weight 983kg $18,500 Updated: 25-Jul-2014
Listed: 25-Jul-2014
New mast and rigging 2013. New ring frame 2013. Competitive boat. Set of Doyles. Set of Quantums. Plenty of good sails to get you started. On Yard trolley. Boat cover. Tic tak. Full brolgas. Spin box. Recent fitting refit throughout. John Warlow
(m)  0423 574 649
AUS 1079 $20,000 Updated: 29-Jun-2014
Listed: 29-Jun-2014
Pacesetter with new brolgas, good mast, two spinnaker poles, 8+ jibs, 3 mains, 3 spinnakers, full boat cover, tack tick compass, cobra tiller, tandem trailer with electric brakes and boat straps, overall well maintained package, good entry level boat, fully set up for immediate racing. Located near Melbourne. Jack Ellis
(m)  0419 001 430
ELUSIVE - AUS 908 Available on request Updated: 11-Jun-2014
Listed: 11-Jun-2014
Bashford built. Has 2 near new sets of sails plus other club and twilight sets . Has new hard stand cover and comes with dual axle trailer with box . Has optional handstand jinker. Boat is located Metung Victoria. Jeff Rose
(m)  0498 982 316
Etchell 22 - AUS 1082 $20,000 Updated: 25-Aug-2014
Listed: 9-Mar-2014
1998 6.7m Fibreglass Pacesetter. No 1082 - ICU (ex Alchemist). Good sail wardrobe, near new North main and jib. Sail security cylinders. Ready to race. Ken Marslew
(m)  0418 461 199
AUS 1188 $23,000 ONO Updated: 25-Jul-2014
Listed: 5-Feb-2014
Pacesetter 2001 build. Well maintained package in good condition with two sets of Ullman Sails. Ring Frame fitted. Replacement Smidmore mast, New spinnaker pole, New Hardstand Cover, Tactik. New halyards, sheets, ropes etc. Jinker. Ready to sail. Situated at RFBYC Perth. Dave Roberts
(m)  0417 181 986
AUS 867 $15,500 Updated: 11-Jun-2014
Listed: 15-Jan-2014
Excellent sails. Yard Dolly. Spare pole,spare boom, Spinnaker box, glass tiller, fed and. Aft cockpit nets, jib hammock. Tom Braidwood
(m)  0411 420 419