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AUS 723 - Forceful $10,500 Updated: 10-Sep-2015
Listed: 10-Sep-2015
Pamcraft Hull circa 1986. Good condition with the majority of running hardware less than 12 months old and has had minimal use in that time. Recently installed ring frame, new Henderson pump, Racing Sails in good condition with current model training jibs. Ready to race, with lots of spare equipment. Price include a hardstand trolley and Tactic compass. The boat is presently on the hardstand at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. James Walker
(m)  0412 613 793
AUS 1385 $38,000 Updated: 10-Sep-2015
Listed: 10-Sep-2015
2009 Pacesetter built for Worlds in Melbourne, excellent condition, Smidmore mast, ring frame, stiff and fast. A lovely boat to trim and tune. Raced sparingly, 2013-14 RPA club champion. Everything runs smoothly for an enjoyable sail. Well set up with tack tic, a sly-tiller and spin box, adjustable forestay etc. Includes trailer with two sail storage boxes and Alegaytor boat cover. Full set of 2012 North sails, used only for 2012 Sydney Worlds; Main, 2x Jibs, Reacher & VMG spinnaker. Also club sails; 1x North, 1x Quantam & 1x Doyle mains, 3x Doyle Jibs and 2x Doyle spinnakers. Maintained by Phil Smidmore, and stored on RPAYC hardstand. Contact to arrange for inspection and a test sail. Allen Stormon
(m)  0411 874 604
Etchells 1131 $21,000 ono Updated: 7-Aug-2015
Listed: 2-Jun-2015
2000 pacesetter, ready to race, multiple sets of sails. Some one regatta old, comes with all accessories inc. Boat cover, road trailer, cradle, 2 masts. For more info please call Mike Schilt 0439441404 or Tim Clark 0410546001. Michael Schilt
(m)  0439 441 404
AUS 1356 $35,000 depending on sail Updated: 2-Sep-2015
Listed: 3-May-2015
2006 for sale, excellent condition, smidmore mast, ring frame, ram, new boom, new pole, new standing rigging, faired hull, stiff and fast with a history of various podium finishes. great care taken with the details to maintain the vessel in near new condition. Price circa $35,000 depending on sails. Available after HK worlds. Martin Webster
(m)  0409 097 071
AUS 869 $15,000 Updated: 7-Aug-2015
Listed: 14-Feb-2015
Manufactured by Pamcraft in late 1990 and initially measured on 10 November 1990, AUS 869 was one of the last Pamcraft boats produced and these later boats are renowned for their build quality, reliability and performance. Cardinal Sin competed in the 2012 Sydney Worlds and was substantially upgraded before the regatta. Phil Smidmore fitted new rigging with Brolgas and all ropes and deck hardware were upgraded wherever necessary, including a new Henderson pump kit, new main and headsail halyards and a ring frame in the bow. Other equipment includes Tic-tac compass and hand held VHF. There are three sets of sails with the boat, allowing for regattas and also twilight sailing. There is a new light DC North’s headsail that has been used only twice. The boat is kept on the hardstand at the Royal Prince Alfred yacht Club with a full North’s boat cover. John Paul
(m)  0415 264 987